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We grow flowers on our tiny micro-farm on a residential lot outside of Decorah, Iowa. We care about justice, sustainability, and our business being a force for good in the world. We use sustainable practices, including no-spray and no-till methods. We aim to lift up other small businesses and create connections and community.


Clara is the primary flower farmer, and first discovered her love of plants as a child in this very corner of northeast Iowa. Clara has degrees in environmental studies, horticulture, and landscape design. She has found her passion in growing and designing with flowers.

Darryl, after living in New York, Tampa, LA, Seattle, and Chicago, has found a home here in the hills of northeast Iowa. He owns and operates River Road Bakery, and is known for his amazing loaves of sourdough and his gentle manner.


We love raising our three wonderful children in this community, on this land, amongst these flowers and hills and trees.

Thank you for supporting our business and our family.

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